No matter how common your car repair needs, they can still feel like a big deal. That’s why we’re your number one Ogden car repair choice – we’re here to help with it all, whether big or small.

If you’re looking to buy a new or used car, you might want to consider what the most common auto repairs are. This can help you determine whether or not the car you’re researching is worth the investment. While some car repair costs are more expensive than others, they’re not necessarily more serious.

Top 10 Most Common Auto Repairs

Don’t let any of the following deter you from purchasing a car, or hanging on to the one you have. Regular maintenance can ensure these car repair needs don’t sneak up on you. But, even if they do, they are some of the most common Ogden car repairs we come across. At South Ogden Tunex, we’re ready to help you deal with any of the following and more:

  1. Address check engine light – When this light comes on, it can mean any number of things. Sometimes there is an issue with your car’s engine, while other times it just means your fuel cap is loose.
  2. Air filter replacement – Gas-powered cars run on combustion, which requires a lot of oxygen. This is why a clean air filter is so important, and why changing it regularly is beneficial. 
  3. Battery replacement – On average, your car battery has a 4 – 6 year lifespan. A quick look at your battery can check its health, as a leaking or misshapen battery indicates it’s at the end of its life. Also, if you find yourself regularly jumpstarting your car, it’s time for a new battery.
  4. Change brake pads – Typically, it’s recommended brake pads are replaced every 50,000 miles unless you notice squealing, grinding, excessive vibration, and/or loss of sensitivity in your brakes.
  5. Fuel cap replacement – As mentioned, one of the most common reasons your check engine light comes on is simply because the fuel cap is loose or is missing. Next time you fuel up, double-check your gas cap!
  6. Oil change – On average, your car needs an oil change every 5,000 miles.  
  7. Replace wiper blades – Depending on the climate, your wipers may need less frequent replacement. Here in Ogden, you can probably get by changing your wiper blades once every year.
  8. Spark plug replacement – If your car is frequently misfiring, or is guzzling more fuel than usual, it’s probably time to take a look at the spark plugs. Bring it into your favorite Ogden car repair shop so we can take a look under the hood.
  9. Top off liquids – Low or old fluids can cause major problems if not replenished routinely.
  10. Wheel alignment – As with an oil change, your wheels should be aligned about every 5,000 miles. If you notice your car’s steering isn’t as responsive or steady as it should be, bring it in for an adjustment.

If you’re not comfortable addressing these common car repairs yourself, make an appointment with our team today. We service vehicles for everything from the engine to the exhaust system and most of what’s in between.

Auto Repairs to Attempt Yourself

We do recommend bringing your car into the South Ogden Tunex for some repairs, but there are a few you can attempt yourself with little automotive knowledge. It’s good to get to know your car and be familiar with some of its operating systems. With a little bit of research, most car owners can tackle these car repairs:


  • Replacing battery – In just a few steps, you can safely remove your old car battery and install a new one. There are many online videos that can walk you through the steps for your vehicle.
  • Refilling fluids – Check your dipsticks routinely to see levels of some fluids, such as the oil and power steering, or peek into fluid reservoirs. Be sure you’re topping them off when you notice they’re low.
  • Replacing wiper blades – Wipers are fairly easy to remove and replace on your car with just a few clicks of the parts. You can order replacement parts online, or head into most big box stores to find the style you need.
  • Replacing fuel cap – If you’ve misplaced your fuel cap, you can usually find a replacement part online with the make and model of your car. 


We’ve been a staple of Ogden car repair for years, and are proud to serve our community of drivers. Let us know how we can help today.